3D online game, free 3D games are a collection of 3D games which are meant to play online.
The 3D online games
are supposed to be a kind of entertainment for people at any age. 3D games can be played alone, with friends, family. They are so absorbing and inviting. You feel like being cut out from the reality totally. Commonly they are not simple games which are played just to be satisfied but they have some internal meaning as well. That’s to teach and entertain meanwhile.

X-TECH Game Development Studio has created an educational 3D game which explains how to protect children from danger. Having the full idea in it, this game teaches and then checks. The name of this 3D game is “Endangered Island”.
Being an educational 3D game it is designed for teenagers and is aimed at keeping them away from the infection risks of HIV / AIDS. The appealing game is not only an exciting entertainment mean but also while answering all the questions suggested by the game, the teenagers are getting certain knowledge about the main contributory circumstances and by avoiding them teens will be kept away from HIV / AIDS infection risks. This 3D game is also aimed at eliminating the stigma placed on infected people.Game activities are held at an isolated island. Game can be played in two ways as a game direct participant and as a 3rd player controller. There are two main characters: high school age boy and girl. At the beginning of the game the player chooses his/her preferable character and state. The game consists of several levels: school, abandoned area, airport, hospital and hotel.

There have anticipated many barriers and difficulties so as to make the game much more interesting and attractive and by overcoming these trials the player obtains some kind of information, knowledge. The 3D game’s number one aim is to provide children and their parents with valuable information so in order to exclude the possibilities of random answers, the player have to pass all the trials and get the information with a help of which he/she is able to answer all the questions and only afterwards move to the next level. There are areas for separate levels and open areas where the player can get the information by overcoming the barriers and difficulties. For example, it is prohibited for player to enter the drug addicts area as long as he hasn’t passed the previous levels though anytime he/she can walk in the park.

In a nutshell, this is a pure educational 3D game developed for certain purposes and good intentions: to avoid children, teens and adults from that terrible disease. This game is playable and available for any age level. 
For getting the game’s main principles, please check out the video below.



Endangered Island – Armenian 3D Educational Game by X-TECH