Something like about 6 months ago Adidas launches its shoe customizing app in the US. There are a line of sneakers which can easily be customized. It’s quite easy. Just by using iOS and Android app, say you have an image of a tasty hamburger on your smartphone or just you can take a picture or upload it from your camera roll, then place and mirror the image-the app maps your photo onto your ZX Flux – orders are expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete.  As Adidas’s slogan says “Impossible is nothing”. Really this is so innovative way of reaching more customers all over the world.
This year customization was very important topic for Adidas team. The main goal is to fascinate people with new ideas and models.
One of the team members says “From the very beginning, photos were an exciting object and have been of high interest for us. We wanted to use it in a new context and relate this topic to footwear.”
And really customers want to look original and unique, they search chances to express themselves, to show their creativity. This project came to realize that expectations.
With a help of ZX Flux, the team lets customers to show their creativity.
Such positive feedbacks that the team got from the beginning of the year encouraged them and hinted that they are on the right track.
“When we first saw the ZX Flux photo we were absolutely thrilled”. “The detail and color fidelity were absolutely new for us. That was the beginning of the exciting journey.”
This brings out new challenges, new emotions, new obstacles and the like.
From my point of view the innovations like this motivate people to live and achieve new dimensions.  😉


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