Many areas of the world including the city Basque in Spain have been practiced in treating patients through Kinect.  Kinect rehabilitation, attending doctors via Kinect,  getting surgery support are literally becoming wide spread. The developed system “Teki” allows the patients with chronic disease to get into contact remotely with their doctors just by turning on the Microsoft Kinect. With a help of this patients are decreasing health problem quantity. It has some other advantage that is to foresee the problem before the patients will need hospitalization.
The users simply get Kinect which is connected to their TV-set and Internet with the wireless monitor to display patient’s heart rate frequency and spirometer – to measure breath level.
Besides the interface allows the users fill in the questionnaire related to symptoms by using gesture control.  The animated drawings supervise them through certain exercises. Meanwhile the 3D sensing technology Kienct presents an opportunity to determine whether patients perform the exercises correctly or not.