Generally the Augmented Reality concept is used to enhance the brands popularity, to promote and boost its prominence.
Nonetheless, a group of smart and innovative students have used the same technology to block ads on certain product.
As for marketers the headset is a real nightmare.
So what the headset does in real? It blocks companies’ logos from the users view when you see them in the real world. The concept is just a product of crazy imagination of those young men. It has been developed as an entry in the PennApps Winter 2015 hackathon of the University of Pennsylvania. The creative team of students described the AR headset on their project page as”a technology demonstration that envisions a future in which consumers can use augmented reality to opt out corporate influence.”
The system consists of the component like a pair of goggles and 7-inch display. The set is powered by software developed by Python and OpenCV.
In the frame of logos the team has used a database of brand logos and blurred them in real time when the user viewed them using the very headset. The popular logos like Dr. Pepper, Deer Park and Starbucks are included in that database.

Actually the Ad Block or ad Killer technology is way far from being a demanded product, though it came like an awe wave among marketers but we know that this technology could become very popular in temporarily stopping any advertising infiltration.


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