“It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” –Hercule Poirot
Sometimes the words are so complex, are so complicated things… What if our brains could communicate with each other, what if they could transmit the needful knowledge or information. 
The professors, researchers at Washington University believe that the interconnection and communication between brains is possible.
They find out that the certain technology exists right now and they performed a demonstration of this incredible research.
Literally, imagine you are a brilliant scientist, but not a brilliant teacher. So how you’re going to explain a complex knowledge? With a help of this tech you are letting someone to enter into your brain and take the knowledge as it is. 
The performance was completed successfully and this is not just a fluke.
The team performed tests using 6 people divided into three pairs: one is the receiver the other one transmitter. The transmitter wears EEG machine which reads the brain waves while sitting before the computer game. Their task is to defend the city in the game by cannons however they are not able to interact with it directly, they are allowed only to track thoughts via i-net to their partners being somewhere across the campus. 

The info receivers also wear headset device, kind of swimming cap with a help of which brain controls head movements.
Maybe this turned out to be too tough to explain how the system works but this is something which will explore in the nearest future.


Brain-to-brain interface demonstration