Isn’t it unique to promote car with a help of latest technologies like Augmented Reality.
Ford is using AR tech to promote its new Ford Mustang model. The company has launched an augmented reality app which will allow users to envisage the car in their driveways. The app has been developed by Virtual Reality specialists Kudan and Blue Hive. It has entered the market as the first VR car concept.
Any way it is not the first time that car manufacturers are using Augmented Reality, but the purposes are different, some of them use it to promote their latest cars, others to improve driving experience of the users by integrating this technology in the cars.

What does this app provide its users?
Ford Augmented Reality App uses “j-tracking” which is considered to be visual marketing technology to build an image of the latest model of Mustang. The image is leveled to life-like size and is projected to any location where the user points their tablets or smartphones. The app gives the users that special chance to interact with car virtually, to check the engine noises around it.
Obviously the Ford Mustang AR APP is unique and most importantly unlike the other AR apps it does not need a printed image to activate it. The creative director at Blue Hive said that “being a fun and interactive 3D configurator, the ‘Virtual Ford Mustang’ app lets you customize and photograph your life-size Mustang anywhere you want, anytime you want. He added “It’s also a breeze to share it with your network and show off the car you’ll soon be driving”.
The AR Ford Mustang application is now available on iOS devices and soon also on Android. The app is mainly targeted for the Ford’s fans and for those who expressed interest and pre-ordered the car. 
The full version of app will be released later this year.