What makes success? An inspiring idea, a vision, new technology?
The world summit Youth Award is a unique global contest which brings together young developers and digital entrepreneurs.
The winners of the World Summit Youth Award 2014 are young multimedia professionals with endless enthusiasm ready to conquer the future.   
With highly motivating idea “Let’s make the city a better place to live” among the winners was also CityBugs Social Platform. The project received warm welcome by everyone and raised great interest to jury members and other participants.
The Award Ceremony itself and the whole journey to Austria were rather impressive. We got a chance to get acquainted with so many innovative and interesting people, enjoyed sharing the experiences with each other…
This is such a super inspiration when once you taste the sweet fruits of your sleepless hardwork.

You can watch CityBugs presentation on SlidesLive 


EYA2014 – Future Living: 07 01 CityBugs