The worldwide brand Coca-Cola which can easily replace water for the majority part of human beings has poked its fans and not only by one technological challenge.
It’s about how cool you will dance and demonstrate yourself. The company has lately equipped vending machines with webcams and Microsoft Kinect sensors. 
By standing in front of the machine you are shaking your body enthusiastically and rhythmically. Afterwards get your gift – much desired Coca-Cola.
The goal? To get you to shake your booty, shout and cheer, and show as much passion as possible for free Cokes.
Coca-Cola, which has been experimenting with technology for its vending machines, recently rolled one out in South Korea that challenges consumers to copy the dance moves of boy band 2PM. The closer they emulate the moves, the more Cokes they get.
So you think you can dance? Let this Coke vending machine decide.  😉


Coke dance vending machine