Controlling things with your own mind has been within science fiction or fantasy based movie genres so far. Today technologies are turning all dreams and uncertain things into reality.
The majority part of people is now aware of Google Glass’s capabilities and utilization.
Up till now you could only navigate Google Glass by touching or talking to it, but London-based firm “This Place” just made it possible to control the device using something else: your brainwaves. The company just released an open source application called MindRDR that gives you something akin to extremely limited telekinetic abilities – so long as you have both Google Glass and Neurosky’s EEG biosensor headset. MindRDR serves as the bridge that connects the two, translating the brain activity from the EEG biosensor into executable commands for the high-tech eyewear. 
Right now the software is just able to take pictures and upload them to either Facebook or Twitter, however This Place released the app for free on GitHub in hopes that other developers will get it and use for much more advanced projects.
MindRDR is considered to be a thin white line clipped on Glass’s screen, which is moving upwards the more the user concentrates. Once the line reaches the top, it snaps the very picture of whatever you want. You just have to repeat the similar actions for uploading pics on social networks.
The creators are more than sure that this app will be a huge help in the future for disabled people suffering from locked-in syndrom


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