Cross platform development is considered to be very required thing in IT field. Many companies start doing cross platform development so as to implement the high spread of products usability on different platforms.  In computing, cross platform, also called multi-platform, is an attribute which is conferred to computer software. A cross-platform app is able to run on as many as all existing platforms. Platform can be described as a combination of hardware and software used to run software applications. Most cross-platform development companies are going to be focused on Android and iOS because even though there are lots of other competitors however those two are the only leading major players that exist at present.
Android and iOS have become the gold standard of mobile operating systems built for personal and corporate use. Developers considering creating applications for both platforms can experience many benefits and some challenges along the way.
The most obvious way to build mobile applications. There are certain native tools that come with the platform. For Android, it is Java and either Eclipse or the new Android Studio, along with the Android SDK. For iOS, it is Objective-C and XCode.
X-TEACH creative studio is also specialized in cross-platform development. Having professional and skilled team the company creates not only iOS and Android cross platform applications but also many more. Company’s developers have created a 3D game which is a multi-platform. The vivid example is Spiders Escape 3D game which is spread on different platforms like Leap Motion, Kinect, iOS, Android