New things are happening up there on the web. The NSA has collected millions of faces from the web.
The NSA has opened a new dimension in its affairs. It is not just interested in communication intelligence like call records. It is looking for faces. The NSA has been using facial recognition software to scan the internet for portraits and match them with investigative data.
This novelty will help a lot in near real future like if someone is wanted the agency can easily determine whether a suspect is spotted or not. For instance if informants have told anything important about that person. The program can notice even the slightest changes.
However as for the calls and messages NSA cannot work totally free, it cannot run queries on photos of Americans without getting a court’s approval first.
Nevertheless there are numerous of data missing from this program and besides there are not any laws explicitly protecting face detection data.
The civil liberty advocates are worrying that the NSA may be reducing privacy by getting so much data just by watching the photo.