The children’s toys of the future will be much more comfortable and keep them well connected. Startup companies like DynePod have an ambitious vision to connect kids with comfortable and connected tech more than we could have ever imagined as a children.
With so many options for consumers for online and retail toy shops there is no lack of smart toys for parents. The ability to program these toys is what makes it interesting. With so many options it can be a challenge to surprise kids with new tech toys and here is where DynePod might help.
DynePod is a wearable, sharable,  learning device designed to empower the next generation of child innovators.  It may seem like a simple 25-pixel block of LEDs but actually it’s much more. it’s part of a new category and market called “Internet toys” which allows it respond to simple programming and extrude input of its own; it also senses up whether it’s talking to another DynePod.
“DynePods and the Internet of Toys platform will enable new play patterns and encourage open-ended exploration for the future of toys, for children, makers, and toy inventors alike” Krissa Watry, Dynepic’s Co-Founder & CEO, comments.
You have options to program the smart device to light up when there is movement and set it to active a buzz if another device is nearby. Built with motion sensors it serves as a controller. You can use it to set alarms or it can be your child’s first smartwatch. DynePod provides children with the tools to flourish with features that get kids to be engaged with their 3D world but also encourage kids to socialize together. 
The DynePod could be considered limitless and empowers kids to let their imagination go crazy with what they want to do. The founders believe that the goal is to have an open platform containing toys of all kinds that are able to speak to each other. To support their vision you can pledge $79 to Dyenepic’s crowdfunding campaign to get DynePod of your own. 


Dynepod for kids