There was organized a big show in America, New York Javits center for the 2014 edition of the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention and Expo better known by everyone as “Retail’s Big Show”.  And more than 30.000 retailers from all over the world arrived in New York to enjoy the fantastic Expo.
About four football fields have been occupied by more than 500 vendors. There was an innovative part: the use of the power of Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK. The most interesting thing was the demonstration of Kinect experiences which captured all people attention. They were attracted and amazed by the capabilities of this smart and small device.
NEC Corporation of America demonstrated an app named “smart shelf” which inserted lot of interest in the space of exhibition. Kinect for Windows was in the center of attention, the shoppers were interested in the display and were using analytics to determine consumer attributes like age, appearance, gender, level of engagement and so on. Allen Ganz, the senior account developer at NEC, was impressed. He felt proud for the Kinekt-based solutions for apps and games.