There is a new marketing push!  Facebook vs Ello.
Have you already managed to spot or get any news about this new social network? For those who haven’t – this is a new social network designed, we guess, special for anti Facebook folks. The main target of this is the exclusion of any kind of ads.  Paul Budnitz the CEO of Ello claims “We had just become really sick of other social networks. We didn’t want a place that was run by advertisers, a place that would mine our data. We just want a place that’s simple and beautiful.”
Ello has gained nearly 20,000 new users in just the past hour. Taking into consideration my Twitter feeds, a considerable number is joining Ello, nonetheless it is still at the invite-only stage. Any way Ello’d better stop inviting as its servers were slammed. People are even selling Ello invitations on eBay for $100 a pop.
“When we started building Ello, we started with a few principles,” said Budnitz. “The first is: no ads.”

Apparently there arose a question: If Ello doesn’t plan to show ads, how will it make money?
Well, as far as initial financing goes, Ello did actually take some funding in the form of $435,000 from FreshTracks Capital, a VC firm in Vermont.
However there are ways like if the user wants extra services he has to pay. Like having several accounts with the same login. That feature would cost you something like $2.
“We’re not trying to rule the world,” he said. “We’re not competing. We’re just building this thing that we really want to use … We don’t need or want to be a $30 billion company. We just want to build a great business.”