Nowadays it is quite easy and absorbing that brands and retailers make it easier to visualize how new product will look in their home, to customize this or that product or just to have fun by that customizations.
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“As soon as I found out about the possibilities that Vuforia offered, specifically the tracking capabilities, I have not used another mobile development framework for augmented reality. Vuforia has, by far, the best tracking capability, and the speed and support are better than anything you could want.” – Maik Krücken Co-CEO be!columbus.
The Qualcomm Vuforia mobile vision connects the physical world along with the digital experiences that demand attention, track engagement and serve value. This AR app creates breakthrough gaming experience, enables interactive shopping experience, gives products digital features, introduces a new generation of play experiences and so on.. Even kids can find their entertainment within this app by utilizing it. This application has been inspired by the brand new generation of play experiences. Qualcomm Vuforia platform demonstrates the latest toy and educational apps featuring some brands and companies such as LEGO, MagnaColor, Littlest Pet Shop, Tek Recon, NERF, NAMCO Bandai, ColAR Mix, Mattel Hot Wheels, App Tag, and Tech Deck.
The craze of the app becomes so vivid when you check out the video below.


Vuforia Featured Apps Video Winter 2014