What a cool magic there is happening via Kinect. Actually it will go on without any stop along the way.
Here is a super innovative idea. Harmonix is a company specialized in Kinect development. The professionals are never hesitating to click any risky button. The project that developers are implementing currently is called Fantasia: Music Evolved.
Fantasia‘s lead programmer Mike Fitzgerald says. “There is a huge willingness to throw stuff away and start over. It feels like (the final product) just works, when in reality it took a long time and ton of work to make invisible.
To realize the project in near-real future, Harmonix turned to its Kinect hacking scene for its Disney-funded project. 
Harmonix has used many resources and tactics like chasing what garage-based few rock stars were doing with Microsoft’s do-all sensor, using its SDK as they saw fit for all manner of things also by bringing few popular Kinect enthusiasts like Jason Levine from Kinect communities. The purpose is to consult on a game that ultimately turns you into a conductor on songs ranging from “Night on Bald Mountain” to more contemporary fare like “Royals” from Lorde.
Levine’s role will be seen in the game. He will be the silhouette on the screen bottom reflecting user’s motions back to the user. Seems like a little nuance but it became the core design element of the game letting the user see what it was the Kinect was watching you do in real-time as a sort of positive reinforcement.
This is very interesting and hilariously innovative. The game lets the player find a style of motion also it develops the sense of rhythm.
Surely there occurred some problems on the way of building this game. Actually this is hard to play. It is more frustrating than getting to learn any new instrument. For this very purpose initially the game teaches step by step, song by song, movement by movement until it is possible to “swim” by your own.  😉


KINECT 2 -Shown by Jason Levine at The Hardware Hack Lab NYC 4-2-14


Kinect “Fantasia: Music: Evolved”