What was the reason to make on and off “Flappy Bird” game? What was the reason to break it in the very height of its youth? Sure this game was on the top on every store. It was quite a cash cow for Nguyen getting $50K income per day. This game was having the time of its life when Nguyen decides to stop it, to remove from app stores; Nguyen famously pulled the game from app stores because of the worries that the game’s millions of fans were spending too much time playing the game. People were like quite zombies to score and challenge. This is it. It is in the past. Now the creator made up his mind to bring the game back by a new version which is less addictive than the predecessor and it will be multiplayer.
“Flappy Bird”, which asks players to navigate a blob-like animal through a fiendishly challenging series of green pipes, became a sensation earlier this year. Its legend only grew when Nguyen removed it from app stores.
So the resurrected “Flappy Bird” will be ready in August, Nguyen said.