Have you ever heard of the game “Flappy bird” ? Go on reading to get the craze of he game. The absorbing and toughly difficult mobile game Flappy Bird has turned into quite the cash cow for Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. The game for nearly a month reigns the top of the App Store and Google play store charts, and simultaneously earns $50,000 income per day from app ads. 

So what is the punch of game: you tap the screen to propel a tiny, pixelated bird upwards. If you hit any of the green pipes in your way as you fly towards some unknowable, unreachable finish line, the game is over. The goal is simply to accumulate the highest score possible. The catch? You’ll very likely spend an hour even reaching a score of five.

This iOS and Android game is on the top not only on play store or App store but also it is fab by  its reviews and pretty numerous of downloads: 50 million downloads and 47.000 reviews in the App store.

By burning the midnight oil, Nguyen was coding all the night long.  There are many options: like the game has very tempting title etc, etc. So Nguyen combined all that in one and got the desired effect. Game scores can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

Why this game is that popular in stores, why it has got numerous of fans, the answer is simple. Initially it followed the purpose to allow users compete by the scores.  People in all ages, everywhere can compete against each other, the rules are easy to get. But only the one who is already skilled in this game gets the highest score challenging his friends to play and succeed.