Today you are able to discover incredible things within short minutes or seconds. Those times have already passed when we were dreaming to greet dolphins tete-a-tete or swim in the endless ocean without fear to be an evening food portion for sharks or tunas.
The Dive Company has developed a Virtual Fish Tank; it was made possible by Google’s Project Tango tablet and an Oculus Rift. It utilizes Tango’s cameras, motion detectors and sensors to give the user a real sense that he is swimming around with fishes.
Tango is a project which is put together by the Google’s advanced technology and project division. Slowly it is getting ready to push more of its 3D-mapping equipment out to developers to help come up with clever new cases.
Dive was one of the luckiest companies who got its hands on Tango early on.  
This app is considered to be an amazing viewfinder where people are swimming with different kind of fishes in ocean atmosphere.
If you are underneath the water and looking up you will see water’s surface, when you stand up and poke your head out of the tank, however the transition is extremely choppy.
Believe it or not this is just the early stage so imagine what a gigantic product this will be in near-real future.  😉