It is undeniable that at some point in time all of us had thought we have supernatural powers. All of us once had dreamed to fly like a bird, to experience something mysterious.
That’s what Max Rheiner created called Birdly – a virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it’s like to fly as a bird from a first-person perspective.
The system works with Oculus Rift headset which is paired with plastic surface on which the person should lay, there is also a wind effect, and the system is supposed for full-body VR experience.
Sure there are people who are terrified of heights, but they shared their experience saying that they didn’t want their fear keep them away from spreading wings and fly like an airborne.
Fully immersed in a bird’s body one can fly through the blue sky, freely fly over amazing San Francisco. The Bay Area city was mapped out using computer-generated 3D data, provided by a company called PLW Modelworks, so there was no live filming involved. It is San Francisco through and through.
Birdly lets you navigate with your arms and hands, to change the directions, flap the hands slowly to gain altitude, while the Oculus Rift gives you a bird’s eyes to view surrounding.
According to Rheiner:  “You have to get into the illusion. That’s what this is about.” Rheiner points out that it was important to come up with an idea that immersed the body completely in VR, not just portions of it. “This project captured me because flying is so nurturing and I wanted to engage the whole body in virtual reality,” he added. “We needed a frame of reference, and that’s where the dreams come in. People have different opinions about how they fly.”


Flying the Birdly Virtual Reality Simulator