New mobile apps gradually get us astonished.
Technologies run forward with no look back. Even in the sphere of mobile apps we are the witnesses of brand new and fresh mobile applications which are becoming part of our life day by day. One of the latest developed apps is introduced by X-TECH creative studio. The extra-ordinary app is called “Fortune Cup” which was released in 2013. By reading this post, at first you will ask yourself “I do not see any fortune teller around me”. Well, the thing is that you just do not have to have any fortune teller by your side. Everything is as simple as possible. Only after drinking up the coffee, take a picture of the coffee mug and via mobile app send it to fortune teller. The story seems incredible but it is considered to be true and checked out for many times.
So first of all turn over your coffee cup like you do usually. After some minutes shoot the mug, send it directly via mobile application. All you have to do is to download app and register in the system. After registration you will select the fortune teller from the shown list. The green sign indicates the fortune teller is online. After all you will receive a four figure number. For getting your fortune predictions, text to the short number mentioned in SMS.
As for the price, every time you make an order the price will be sent to you in a message and the sum will be withdrawn from your phone balance.
So you do not have to turn to your friend or someone in person. The fortune teller is in your mobile device alive and waiting for your coffee mug settling snapshot. Don’t hesitate do it and get the result immediately.
By the way don’t worry because your data privacy is guaranteed.
This mobile app which is novelty was introduced in DigiTec Expo 2013 on October 4 for the first time in the frame of Information, Telecommunication Technologies.
Let your cup settling always gives you hope and smiles anytime you use this app.
The people who have that special ability to foresee the future can register in the following system: