It is an open secret that energy is a special need nowadays than we could have imagined 50 years ago. The Government is shutting the lights to save money. . . However now even the most hazardous streets can be safe in the dark. Guess how. . . Go on reading to get the creativity. The researches have invented an amazing method for roads which protects drivers from crashes and the Government from paying bills for street lights. This is about some special paint in the dark which is considered to be an excellent replacement for streetlights. This fantastic method is being utilized in Amsterdam. So here is the light generation sequence of the paint. The paint absorbs energy in the daytime and produces glow in the night. Seems very simple. And it got its continuation as well. The researchers have also been working on new paint which will inform drivers about snow, ice and the like; it will somehow protect drivers from slippery roads. The paint is intended to be in the form of snowflakes and will be visible as temperature drop to low levels. This kind of awesome ideas are not going to stop the speed. There are going to be invented new methods protecting drivers from even the simplest danger.


Futuristic highways in the Netherlands glow in the dark