Being one of the greatest IT companies X-TECH has participated in GITEX 2013 Dubai shopper exhibition.
GITEX is an abbreviation for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. It is in annual exhibition dedicated to Information Technologies taking place in United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The largest exhibition of consumer technology in the Middle East.

GITEX is considered to be the most influential IT and electronics sales extravaganza held at Dubai World Trade Center.
This is a unique and fast-paced consumer event which got a tremendous buying audience attracted and admired. GITEX shopper exhibition has got into his huge frames most IT specialists, technology enthusiasts, computer gigs, students, consumers as well as regional traders searching for the latest tech-innovations and of course shopping deals. So this list seems to be incredibly endless as it automatically invites consumers from all over the world. There also will be competitors, interesting exhibitions, meaningful meetings and conferences to attend and a host of other activities for making this the best tech show around.

GITEX Shopper is considered to be the largest, biggest and best consumer electronics retail platform in the ME region with power retailers and world-class brands.
All in all GITEX offers great chances for IT people to get known by their products created by talented developers.

As already mentioned above X-TECH creative studio has also been a part of GITEX 2013 Dubai shopper exhibition.  It is a great honor to introduce and exhibit at GITEX the company’s brands, Kinect apps, Games and much more.  X-TECH has introduced the products such as Kinect Football Brazil – game which got all the passers attention not only in GITEX but also in different ceremonies held at various places. The game’s main idea is to score and for scoring one must be concentrated and must calculate the ball speed while kicking it.

Spiders Escape 3D game – being cross platform example has also got its place in GITEX . An interesting and absorbing game which has meaning and aim. That’s to lead the lost and funny spiders home by discovering and overcoming dangerous and interesting levels.

Some other interesting and entertaining Kinect application done by Kinect development company is an app named Kinect Virtual Dressing or Kinect Virtual Fitting. This app has variety of aims like creating or developing the user’s taste, instead of touring through boutiques just get the style you’d want and only afterwards go to the shops, after all it has also leisure time effect, just making fun with friends laughing at screenshots uploading them on social nets and the like.

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GITEX 2013 offers a great chance to prove the professional and skilled works done by apps and games development company.




Kinect Football Brasil 2014 by X-TECH Games