Google goes on innovating brand new things, brand new ways which facilitate nowadays life, brand new tech which make our life much more amazing such as Google self drive cars or Google flight search. Today Google wants to start beaming internet from its high-altitude balloons next year. Google first presented its plans for Project Loon, a program aimed at blanketing the globe in internet from connected balloons hovering high above the earth. Since then, Google just gave several updates about its intentions, but today it let us know much more. Namely already having real people use it. “On Loon’s two-year birthday, I would hope, instead of running experiments, we’ll have a more or less permanent set of balloons,” Google X leader Astro Teller tells Wired. “In one or several countries, you will turn on your phone and talk to the balloons.”
Reportedly Google intents to quadruple its current figures up to 100 balloons in the air for 100 days each.
The project seems to be very popular all around. We are not aware of its future but only the innovative smell keeps us tensed to see the final step of this project.
We have definitely crossed the point where there’s a greater than 50 percent chance that this will happen.


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