Can anyone over here imagine what do technology and fashion have in common?
The search giant Google is slowly trying to change people’s mind by hiring the fashion expert Ivy Ross. She is tasked with helping market Glass to masses and alerting the general perception of Glass. Her number one aim is to convince people from all over spheres that Google Glass is really a fashionable and wearable item not only for tech fans and devs. Why Ross? Ross because she  is a marketing lead with vast of experience in the most popular brands like Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach and more.  
The first perfect and large steps were to shoot featured Glass alongside retro-futuristic backdrops called “Google Glass and a Futuristic Vision of Fashion”. Google has also teamed up with New York Fashion week, also got the attention of the NBA with high range of promotions.
So it is obvious that soon Google glass will be the hugest fashionable thing rather than technological.