What’s your fav destination? Have you ever traveled somewhere so spontaneously and have you ever chosen some travel ideas?  Google Flight Search is cool in that way. So if you already have the destination in mind but if you simply want to state your wanderlust….That’s where a new “I am lucky” option comes into play. You will hit that button and get suggested a random place to go. You are also able set budget and time limits. Google has added and goes on adding new tools for those willing to do some legwork which includes many options like full-screen exploration mode and a region browser that suggests tips and hints within the boundaries you have chosen.  This is a type of innovation which Google launched to encourage both travelling and time management system throughout the world. All the new created features should go live today, so people and those who are keen on travelling have plenty of opportunities for spur-of-the-moment expeditions.  😉


Google Flight Search