It is wonderful to realize that you can appear in places you want to be. The vivid example of it is Google. It has quietly launched its own internet domain registration service. Like many projects “Google domain” is starting off in beta, you will need an invitation to get in and purchase your own URL.
There are lots of advantages in Google domains like users can create up to 100 e-mail aliases using their domain and the specialists state that it’s making domain forwarding super easy in case there’s already a Tumblr or any existing site you’d like your new URL to point to.  The specialists also state and ensure users that the acquired domain will connect quickly and reliably to the user’s website.
Google’s aim is to make Google Domains registration service famous, trustworthy and most importantly widely available soon.
Taking into consideration that Google has launched super exciting things such as Google self driving cars, the amazing Google’s high altitude air balloons, cool Google flight search and so on we can claim that soon Google Domains Registration Service will be on the top.