Android wear is a new mobile operating system which is tailored for smartwatches and other wearable, usable devices. The software is structured to be focused on notifications and quick responses even quicker than any device existing nowadays. It also keeps the interaction to a minimum.
So what does Android wear smartwatch do particularly? With the wearable device you can be going by the rest of your day. All the information you need is there right away, you don’t even need to ask anyone.  It is a container with all the precise information. To bring this vision to life the founders were working with consumer electronics manufacturers and fashion brands. They committed to fostering the equal system of watches in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. People used to have different devices able to send and receive notifications and the like. Android smartwatches came to replace many wrist wearable items, features. So this brand new invention will facilitate your action, that is to say instead of taking out your phone to read through Facebook or text someone, one can use a smartwatch to check on a to-do list, view directions, weather, scan schedules and so on.
Google will play a giant role in giving information about weather, schedules, flight times, incoming and upcoming packages and reservations. However this is not enough, Android smartwatch users will get the chance to utter “O.K.Google.”
Google isn’t ignoring the fitness point of view as well. Android wear devices will reveal speed and distance passed.
Check out the video below to get the idea.



Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview