What will happen when once cars drive as but not we drive cars? What if every time we need a car, we unlock our smartphones and call for one with a single tap, and as soon as it drops us off it continues to go off to its next job? The result will be; fewer parking lots, people won’t drive drunk and it will reduce the number of accidents.
So how this idea came to be real?

Once deep inside in the secret lab at Google X, Sergey Brin must have given birth to a fantastically blissful mind to go out from office get into the noticeably missing steering wheel car, press a button by instructing where he wants to go and admire the beauty of the places.
So on Tuesday night during a Code Conference held in California, Brin revealed his “tiny” but at the same time enormous secret about Google’s self-driving cars. This car isn’t just a Lexus. It’s an entirely autonomous vehicle without any need for steering wheel, gas, petrol, pedals or human intervention of any kind. You will not be able to drive it even if you eagerly want to.

What about the car itself?
The Google car is fully electric designed for 2 passengers. It goes 25 miles per hour. You need to implement just 4 simple steps to get to your desired place; 1. Get in, 2. Put on the seatbelt, 3. Press the start button, 4. Wait. While waiting you have lots of opportunities like check out the temperature on the large screen, get to know how much time remaining in your journey. The screen can easily display other stuff as well like Chrome browser for checking your Gmail or watching YouTube while you ride.

Check out the video below to see how people are enjoying this innovation. 

The First Drive