Reportedly the Virtual Reality hasn’t reached here yet but it peeps that consumers will have plenty of options when it arrives: Gear VR serves Samsung smartphone users. What about the consumer Oculus Rift, it is currently being under development and Google has even fashioned a bottom-dollar solution that’s suitable with almost any smartphone.
The VR One is considered to be structured according to the same idea as Samsung Gear VR with a difference of less specific hardware requirements. Carl Zeiss thinks that goggles should work and be compatible for any smartphone between 4.7 and 5.2-inches. However this combination is not a universal though-users still have to order different “drawers” so as to hold different sized devices, which cost an additional $9.90 on top of the base device.  The VR One will be released until next year, but with Zeiss optics onboard, it’s bound to be a better experience than Google’s cardboard.