In this world of everything creating autonomous robots has become quite possible.
Yes, but this is just one side of the coin, the other side of the coin is rather unpredictable whether developing robots with human abilities is just a technological innovation or people really need to have that kind of “creatures” walking among the crowd.
We hope to figure it out in the future when the smart robots will exist.
Actually the world’s most advanced Honda’s new generation of humanoid robots aims to bring humanity a step closer to the day when robots will become like a member of the family.
Honda’s senior chief engineer Satoshi Shigemi makes revolutionary leap forward in robotic technology. At only 13 cm high, the new version of ASIMO may look the same but it has become autonomous with its own decision-making abilities.
The new ASIMO will also be able to run faster than before, it will be agile and will run 6km/h and even turn whilst running. 
“We believe such a robot can make life convenient and comfortable and create completely new set of values.” – Satoshi Shigemi, Large Project Leader ASIMO Development.
The new advanced robots will have high-level balance, external recognition capabilities that use multiple sensors to observe what’s going on nearby, the ability to analyse and respond to changes in the environment.  
Robots’ multi-fingered hands will be able to perform wide range of tasks starting from fixing ones favorite cocktail ending with moving objects and carts around in order.
“We will continue our work on robot research by following two paths – first to strive the realisation of a dreamlike robot able to exist amongst humans and second to transfer the findings and technologies to other applications.” –  Satoshi Shigemi, Large Project Leader ASIMO Development.


ASIMO Robots


Honda ASIMO robot 2014 full humaiod robot dancing and running