While saying Kinect one can automatically call up entertainments, joy, maybe marketing or it can be education. All this aspects when being spiced by Kinect are much more enjoyable. Nonetheless the motion controller has a lot more applications outside of the entertainment world.
One of the Armies in Great Britain has found one such application aiming to save victims from Ebola, aiming to fight with that terrible disease.
Part of the Government found it possible and saw potential, they sponsored the mission named Operation Gritrock. The kiosk in which the system is set up will provide information to people possibly infected by the undesired virus.
Being aware that the Ebola has become a global issue in West Africa threatening to public health, the UK sent 800 army personnel to help kill its extensibility. The Kinect-enabled video kiosk will allow the potential Eloba victims to learn about symptoms, care options without contaminating the kiosk equipment with their sweat or blood—body fluids that can harbor the Ebola organism and finally they will combat the disease.
Receiving some amount of investigation as a technological solution CDS selected the Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2 sensor to deliver a sensory, gesture-driven solution.  
According to Mike Collier, CDS technical director, “It is always gratifying to work on solutions that make a difference, and this project has certainly been a project to be proud of for all associated with it.”