Offering a glimpse into the future of retail, interactive mirror displays are sharing the spotlight with the clothes, designers and models at the September 2016 New York Fashion Week, creating a unique set of tech-driven fashion experiences.

A pair of exclusive shows organized by FTL Moda, NYFW’s event production company, are using Samsung’s state-of-the-art interactive mirror displays as an integral part of the style events staged at midtown Manhattan’s Space 404. Samsung is a presenting sponsor of the event, which is built around a theme of fashion and technology.

Elevating the In-Store Shopping Experience

Shoppers know mirrors are essential for trying on new clothes in order to scrutinize how they look, hang and fit. Samsung’s mirror displays bring a sense of magic to traditional retail mirrors by embedding LCD screen layers right in the mirror glass — so what seems like a normal mirror also functions as a product showcase and handy tool for shoppers.
Retailers can highlight specific products, color variations and accessories that “work” with the items a shopper is trying on — all without the shopper ever having to leave the dressing room. Some retailers are also expanding the possibilities by testing other features, like pushing content for in-store sales promotions and other advertising. In the future, retailers will have the ability to display content that provides options for designer fashions in different colors or sizes that can be tried on virtually.
The New York Fashion Week event is also using two two-by-two Samsung LCD video walls. One will serve as a backdrop for the red carpet walk, amplifying the impact and visual messaging around what’s normally just a printed vinyl mural by instead using rich, full-motion visuals.

New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is a semi-annual series of events that see international fashion collections presented to buyers, the press and the public at a packed schedule of flashy shows. NYFW is one of four major fashion events in the world, collectively known as the “Big 4” — with the others in Paris, London and Milan.

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