InWindow ads have become too popular now. Nowadays while walking around the city we are coming across many storefront advertisements, posters which are eye-catching and tempting.  Right on the particular walls and market signboards. As technologies has won everything, it is also possible to locate everywhere any kind of advertisement on the screens of central streets highways and the like.
For companies who are lavish in having high PR ranking, it is a great chance for them to locate their product ads.

Storefront advertising stands have numerous of options like traditional static signs, digital and interactive campaigns or display that set a scene using mannequins, products and other stuff of decorations.
To spot how to get your ads or messages displayed as an inwindow advertisement, go on reading.
In fact similar to billboard advertising, the outdoor storefront ads are widely noticed by a crowd of passersby.
For instance the upcoming game, movie or TV show by being inserted on ad screens are going to be interactive, allowing passersby to manipulate the ad on the screen.

You can advertise in vacant storefronts not only in city streets or malls but also in the places which are used even at home. That is to say it becomes people’s part of everyday life.
While walking around the streets, malls, metro stations you are the witness of the ads like this “Here could have been you advertisement”.
X-TECH Games Studio having plenty of developed Kinect and mobile apps/games offers another option, which is to locate your ads on the game’s or app’s walls, background section.

For instance, the Kinect game “Football Brazil” has a fence on the surface of which can be located your interactive logo advertisement. Or Kinect “Virtual Dressing” app. This app also gives you the opportunity to fit your ad into this virtual application.
Inwindow advertising is available for X-TECH’s apps and games anytime you need. Just contact us and get all valid information.
Don’t hesitate locate your ads within games and apps and they will look appealing and inviting.