Do you know what is the difference between iPhone and Samsung users/fans? They say iPhone fans are confident and calm as they know their phone is the best everywhere, whereas Samsung fans always try to convince everyone that their phone is better by posing some parameters.
The proof of this statement is the latest shock. When iPhone hadn’t been announced yet, no one was aware of its look, functions, capabilities when Samsung had already started make fun at it, probably trying to accumulate scores.

The iPhone 5 had been around for just a few days when Samsung began attacking it for a supposed lack of features. I’m sure we all remember the Galaxy S III’s revolutionary Shake to Update feature. (September 2012).

Samsung has made and goes on making ads, videos which points Apple’s low condition and Samsung’s big plans. 

Check out some videos below to figure out whether we are in the middle of heated Marketing War.  😉


Galaxy Note 4 – Then And Now


Samsung “The Next Big Thing” ad parodies an iPhone line


Samsung Teases iPhone 5 With Their New Commercial


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – LeBron James


Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 – Multitasking, redefined


Galaxy S 5 – Screen Envy


It Doesn’t Take a Genius — GALAXY Note 4 with Wearables