Being more than attentive while driving is considered to be an undisputed rule. So how to be protected and avoid traffic jams, accidents, crashes and undesired issues on the road!?! Sure, in this case as well the technologies are coming up to reveal extra-ordinary solutions.
Jaguar has revealed new Virtual Windscreen concept.  The Virtual Windscreen concept beams hazard, speed and navigation graphics to the driver’s view, adding both racing line and braking guidance alongside ghost cars and virtual cones for more performance-oriented activities. The most interestingly, the automakers also have a gesture control system in the works, aiming to limit the amount of physical button pushing activities.
The Director of research and technology Dr. Wolfgang Epple states that they try to identify which functions still need to be controlled by physical buttons. 
Check out the video below to get the windscreen idea.


Jaguar Land Rover projects driving data directly on the windshield