Yes Microsoft Kinect 2 and Unreal 4 cure serious diseases. There are found out two serious diseases affecting old people’s health condition all around the world – Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Imagine you have the chance to take people out of dementia, out of everyday life into virtual amazing world. World with joy and full of real experience.
With a help of computer game tech it is already possible. Why do world need this? There are 330.000 people suffering from dementia in Australia and this number will increase up to 900.000 by 2015. So statistically this means that every single human being is impacted by dementia and not only just in Australia.  We are constantly looking for changes, innovations which will increase the quality of life of people living with dementia.
These illnesses have been treated medically so far. Nowadays developers are creating crowfunding to reach a goal of AU$90.000 and further improve the project by adding some interesting and absorbing environments like Christmas-themed, seas or beach atmosphere.
The Forest Project utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, Smart-enabled TVs and Microsoft Kinect 2 to create an immersive experience in the form of virtual worlds. 
Why forest? Because this is kind, positive and highly interactive atmosphere designed for people living with dementia. It’s intended to develop the quality of life by providing an engaging experience. The music design and images are so real and close to perfection that patients will also get harmony inside.
Check out the videos below to feel the game.


The Forest Project – winter scene preview


The Forest Project – Summer scene preview