Kinect 2 reads lips, that is to say the next generation of the motion-sensing technology named Kinect stands up to read players’ lips, emotions, moods it even determines whether he is angry or happy.
Imagine putting the volume of your TV on silent mode and try to read by lips: really difficult but cool experiment. So the next generation of motion sensing tech kinect is going to be advanced enough to read your lips. This is just the start of Kinect’s powerful capabilities. Of course the majority part of people thinks that their psychological state is hidden inside known only them, however we are sorry to claim that Kinect 2 will reveal even the smallest emotional state of yours, will determine in which direction you are facing and track the pitch and volume of your voice, mimic characteristics, Kinect 2 will also be able to detect when the player is angry or happy, in a nutshell you just cannot hide your inner state from Kinect which scans and stares at you with wide open eyes.
As we can see this multifunctional device is usable not only in healthcare, schools, for entertainment or  therapical  means but also for some psychological purposes.
Kinect’s next generation is able to reveal the unfold and unseen details of person.
So this is somehow a pretty awkward home exercise tool when even you can expose yourself in very incomprehensible situations and mulimoods.   😉