After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
Any wall climbers around? Nevertheless we have all had once an obsession towards wall climbing.
Developers have given technological solution to this idea also. By using Kinect sensor device and projectors the climbing wall process becomes like an interactive game.
There are a lot more reasons why it is a must to tackle a climbing wall at your GYM: First off it is a great experience, it can improve your hand-eye coordination, and most importantly it instills useful mountaineering skills should you ever find yourself trapped on a cliff.
The Kinect integration in this stuff is a great help for both professional climbers and the amateur ones who want to improve techniques getting ready for the real experiment.
Climbers are obviously encouraged to move about on the wall meanwhile they are trying to avoid and surmount animated obstacles which randomly cross their paths, nonetheless, the system isn’t just about games. Since the Kinect sensor can track a climber’s position on the wall, the augmented reality projections can be used as a way to show an amateur climber where the next best hold might be. Moreover it can also record a climb providing valuable information to the climber pointing out to his mistakes.
Currently the system is working only in lab, but because it uses readily available electronics like projectors and the Xbox’s Kinect sensor, it can be implemented already in any area where the climbing equipments might be.


Augmented reality helps you up a climbing wall