At first sight you’ll get surprised by asking what Kinect and multiple learning ways have to do in common. Actually they are pretty connected to each other. They are making learning system much more interesting and absorbing. Kinect games have spread its wings even over the learning system like from video games to board games, from Kinect to pencil and paper games all this stuff is able to contribute to student learning. So Kinect in leaning deserves attention. We can bring plenty of reasons why and how games can and do teach, but more interestingly, they access the multiple learning ways . Nowadays Kinect device is utilized in schools, classrooms, learning institutions.
There are numerous Kinect learning ways

People being visual learners feel great fun to learn and get practiced visually through video games. To their minds it is one of the most effective ways to learn more having rest simultaneously through educational games and the like. And instead of simply showing passive visuals games immerse the learner in a visual experience.

People being read/write learners are constantly reading and writing. Reading engaging stories of characters and quest directions.  Most Kinect games include loud reading as a critical learning modality to be successful as the device has also voice recognition mean.