Kinect app store  gives a huge opportunity to perform and get all the Kinect apps and games. X-TECH Creative Studio still does not have Kinect App Store. However the company continues its big deals by developing fantastic Kinect apps and games. Kinect games allow us to test the games which are impossible to do in real life. Let it be appearing on the moon, pretending to be a plane and the like. By the way X-TECH Kinect Development Company has developed a Kinect games demo such as “Kinect Air Combat”, “Feel The Moon Gravity” and much more.

Xbox has a gigantic power to entertain people without age restriction. We’d like to bring a brilliant example of it. All of us have known the cartoon “Nu Pogodi”, well especially those who belong to 80-90s generation. But in other words this cartoon doesn’t recognize any time or space dimensions. It still remains common and modern even in this technological world. Taking into consideration that technologies can do everything X-TECH Game Development Company created an application for that cartoon.
Now Kinect for Xbox 360 allows you to become part of this fantastic application or cartoon. So without using the controller or touching the mouse you are able to bring the wolf to today’s life. Here you are the wolf and instead of buttons you are moving your own body with gestures. The aim of this game is to collect as much eggs as possible for wolf. Graphic and music design transmit a pleasant breath to the game. This Kinect application is much more interesting while enjoying it with your family.
Though game is still in its demo version and has not yet participated in any promo tours or contests, anyway team had a brilliant chance to demonstrate the game in DigiTec EXPO 2011 on 7-9 of October in Karen Demirchyan Sport Complex. Over 2000 people had performed the game and were excited and happy for having such kind of product. And the applauses, smiley faces told us that this Kinect app will have future progress after being much more elaborated.
Company has also some other optional use of this game: instead of eggs user can collect other stuff offered by different brands like Kinder Surprise” candies, CocaCola drinks or Snikers/Mars/KitKat sneaks. It will raise the interest of the player and also will be a good advertisement for the brand.
In spite of being a simple game, however, it is a great honor for this professional team to develop games and apps which can inspire and awake people’s memories.



X-TECH and Xinect at DigiTec Expo 2011