There is a team of professional Researchers and Developers who have given birth to an amazing project named banking concept. Team is mainly focused on innovative market needs. The new responsive banking concept has been developed to facilitate the banking multi-functional system which provides customer services. Via this technology-based solutions the like services become much more convenient and secure.
Diebold will debut the platform at Money20/20 Nov. 2-5, 2014, in Las Vegas.
This concept has four interconnected experience zones having goal to inspire future banking capabilities. Team aims to create features which enlarge the tech-enabled experiences, such as:  
Touch Surfaces and Sensing Devices: This concept is meant to capture passersby attention. The system works via smart glass and video tower walls feature dynamic content management, location-based proximity and motion detection (Microsoft Kinect) to identify consumers and personalize the marketing content. All this staff gathers identified and proper information about consumer’s activity.
Queue Management: this concept is meant to manage the queue system. That is to create a virtual teller or to withdraw money from mobile devices or from concepts’ touch screen panels. So consumers have the ability to save time.
Cardless Transactions: Yes, there comes a time when the consumer can be authenticated without the need for a card or PIN. Here comes the user’s mobile device, acting as a main interface for private, secure transactions. It will also be possible to do transactions via ApplePay.
Intelligent Virtual Tellers: Intelligent virtual teller is a virtual avatar providing the needed information to customers. It is something like an intelligent assistant dealing with complex transactions by employing natural language recognition and advanced cash in/cash out technologies. 
Remote Experts Via Two-Way Video: This concept allows to connect live and remote expert for face to face communication and consulting. The system also allows the FIs to be there where consumers live or have certain occupation. 


Diebold Responsive Banking Concept