Holding body correct and straight is not an easy task. Though it plays an important role in body structure.
Technologies have come to fix these issues as well.
The Kinect sensor has opened the path for developing numerous apps in several different areas.
Among the most important applications are Medical and Health apps which are benefiting from Kinect.
The Kinect-based posture tracking software is an excellent fit for people having the above mentioned issue. This interactive Kinect-based posture tracking software assists the user to successfully match postures required in some exercises for strengthen body muscles. Unlike several video games available, this tool offers user an interface for customizing posture parameters, so it can be enhanced by healthcare professionals or by their guidance through the user.
The major advantage of this app is that that Kinect therapy can be implemented anywhere you like: home, clinic and so on.
Be sure that a good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. So take time and steps to create a perfect posture which can be your #1 visit card.


Kinect Corrects Lift Posture