Kinect detects the early signs of fall risks. Obviously people are not lavish in attending doctors and get assessments. Since many adults receive a gait analysis and fall risk assessment only once a year or not at all, the researchers and professors aimed to provide at home assessment every day so the early changes will be detected easily. These processes might be implemented through walking, bending, jumping, and any kind of speed changes or asymmetry in the gait pattern like limping variations in step length and so on.
All the mentioned parameters are to be measured with the webcam system. During the current study held by the Missouri University researchers, there is an investigation about the use of radar and the use of Kinect device which is utilized for capturing in – home gait parameters.
Actually the radar and Kinect are not connected to the electronic health system, however we can envision these devices as a part of it.
This technology openly reveals patient’s activity behavior and health conditions.
Doctors are already familiar with Kinect – in clinic procedures such as Kinect for oral function disorders, for hand paralysis or for surgery support. We can also meet this powerful device in schools.