Company X-tech began developing kinect applications and games in 2011.

The company  founded in 2008, has more than 5+years of experience  in mobile, kinect, leap motion applications and games, web development, e-commerce, 3D modeling and animation, SEO, security  industries. X-TECH experimenting and expanding its capabilities.

In this article, we want to tell you about three demonstrations of our own kinect Games.


The game’s main aim is to score as much as you can. First of all you should be concentrated properly on your position and on ball’s direction so as not to overshoot. Reckon attentively you strength of hitting the ball. Immediately after hitting the ball you will see ball’s trajectory. read more   watch video


Spiders Escape is a leap motion/Kinect/iOS/android app. This 3D  game was created by X-TECH game developers team. Spiders Escape 3D game was first released for Androids and considered to be an Android application, later on it has become an iOS application as well. Spiders Escape 3D application has been claimed to be excellent game and praised for its successful combination of addictive gamplay, comical 3D models, styles and exciting levels.   read more   watch video

Kinect App – Feel the Moon Gravity (Space Apps Challenge)

Tour of the Moon with kinect? Yea this is one sounds Good !!!

Have you ever dreamed to be on the moon ?

Have you ever thought how cool will be walking there with 6 times less gravity ? 

Have you ever thought how high you can jump on the moon ? read more   watch video