It seems incredible how a Kinect device can influence the recovery of this or that organ of human being. Kinect is being used in Yoga procedures as well. When the Yoga poses are complex human intervention may need to augment the customized vocal commands of Eyes-Free Yoga. This is a visual-aided activity that blind people can enjoy more easily. The apologist of Kinect health processes Kientz said in a statement “I see this as a good way of helping people who may not know much about yoga to try something on their own and feel comfortable and confident doing it. We hope this acts as a gateway to encouraging people with visual impairments to try exercises on a broader scale”.
Cool to know that Kinect came around also to assist the blind or low sighted people. Kinect also is used to level up the health and health education that is to say to enable surgeons to demonstrate medical images via gestures and voice control.
The Kinect dev team’s intention is to make Eyes-Free Yoga available also online giving chance to the people that have issue with vision to download the program, plug in kinect and implement the poses.