Faceshift Kinect is a new motion capture utility that does an impressive job of recognizing the slightest facial movements. Here again we are the witness when Kinect plays a remarkable role here. Basically Kinect recognizes facial mimics. The technology relies on Microsoft’s ever – capable Kinect camera to pull in the 3D data. It needs to reflect your face nuances, though Kinect Faceshift’s creators have done a valuable job refining the device’s face recognition capabilities.

With a help of face shift Kinect you can be fitted in the role of your favorite 3D avatar based on the technology which allows your virtual avatar speak and move with your face mimics in real time. The Kinect captures your facial expressions analyzes them and animates the virtual avatar.
So the user just uses the Microsoft Kinect and the software will then track all the facial expressions like head or eye movements and all these turned on virtual avatars.

The  main principle behind all of this is the 3D character, the person who speaks and moves and the virtual personalized avatar whom are all the motions transferred to. And this character combination completes the virtual avatar successful act in fantastic movies, cartoons, video games and the like.

The developers really believe that this will change the ways that people used to interact in online world and Game development companies are eager to release games of this type.


Kinect Facial Recognition