Still the Kinect fighting games are not that much in their quantity however there are efficient amount of amazing ones to entertain you.
While playing fighting Kinect games the players should basically use their full body or controller in an enthusiastic way so as to learn authentic martial arts techniques and level up their fighting abilities, when they improve their own martial knowledge, the fighting games Kinect will seem much more absorbing to them. Then, by all means, players put their skills into the game and perform all the tricks in explosive action sequences.
While playing Kinect fighting games, admit it, initially you lose lots of energy, get frustrated cause of not beating but then you are getting additional adrenalin while achieving.
In today’s article we’ll be showing you the best rated top Kinect fighting games.

“PowerUP Heroes-PowerUp Avatar” 
This is a pure Kinect fighting game; it lets your Xbox avatar become a hero. You have to collect 20 super-powerful suits to perform the battle by your own. It also has a versus mode and you can perform the game with friend or online. So get ready to get excited and use all your body “strength” to win. This game is available on Amazon.

Star Wars
The following fighting Kinect game is being played with no controller in the way so you can live out the ultimate “Star Wars” fantasy. Then the cute visuals transmit you into the movies’ world where you are “welcome” with the iconic characters, cars, ships. You also can share your fun with your friends through co-op and competitive modes. By the way by playing with friends the stunning levels can be passed and enjoyed together. 

Being one of the freshest additions to the Kinect library this game will surely inject new life into your Kinect playing experience.

Kung Fu-High Impact
Kung Fu-Hi Impact offers you numerous ways for getting the glory by overcoming countless combinations of tricks. Punches, kicks and jumps and more. There is one thing making this game unique is the diversity of antagonists you will have to deal with. Opponents like gangs, wizards, giants and many more. Another outstanding item is that it takes your picture and puts it into the storyline.
The actions you will have to take are too weird like you will act and move anyway just to defeat your foes: jump, punch, flip, kick use your superpowers. You will be led to too dangerous roads like from evil mini creatures to ruthless street gangs. So you will have to use any style of tricks to win your enemies.

UFC Personal Trainer-Learn the moves”
This game which took its place in the top rated Kinect fighting games is well-rounded and is partly fighting, partly fitness game. Game includes a UFC personal trainer and several popular UFC fighters. You can hit by performing numerous of challenges. It is a perfect chance to get practiced a variety of MMA-inspired moves from diverse sports like wrestling, Muay Thai, kickboxing.
You can utilize your Kinect device sensor for Xbox 36 to get the motions to the screen without touching the mouse or a controller. So you will add new tricks in your experience.

Kinect Sports (Boxing)-Punch Your Friends Lights Out”
The boxing game is probably one of the first Kinect fighting games you are getting in touch with. The operations are rather simple, just punch in front of your Kinect device, the latter will record and show your movements as a punch on your antagonist. It has a multimode function: you can play one player mode, two player mode or just play against your opponent online.

Fighters Uncaged-Kick Some Animated Butt”
This game is considered to be one of the best Kinect fighting games. It showcases the right capabilities of Kinect. You are allowed to use your whole body towards your opponents and levels. The movements that you are doing while playing this game are becoming kind of habitual, the utilized tricks are getting funny. Game has a multifunctional mode as well.