When Kinect came on the market the majority part of professors and surgeons who think big, came to an idea how this smart device can be utilized in medical environment especially in surgery and how it can accelerate the patient’s treatment process which will motivate and invite patients to be examined and prescribed more often.
So Kinect did it naturally. When Kinect for Xbox 360 hit the market in November 2010 the dev team of Kinect has been working closely with surgeons to test it at several hospitals. The surgeons often avoided performing open-heart surgery by placing stents to open clogged arteries. But the proper placement requires a pretty great deal of precision and medical imaging plays a big role in enabling precision.  Kinect for Windows solved that problem. Without touching a keyboard or a mouse with a help of large monitor a surgeon could easily change the image or zoom the details.
With Kinect doctors can revolutionize complex operations. Patients and clinical teams will spend less time in theater, and surgeons will be more in control of the information they need.
Watch the video below, to get how the surgeons work with a help of Kinect!


Touchless Control of Images during Surgery – GestSure