You have to agree that Kinect for virtual healthcare is something innovative which accelerates the procedures and motivates all the patients to attend Kinect game based sessions. Microsoft has developed an extraordinary way for patients to interact, get in touch with the physicians remotely no matter the geo distance or position, or whether the patient is in the office, on holiday or even across the globe.

Unlike before nowadays doctors are able to meet and examine more patients the latter don’t have to wait in a queue and get bored. Kinect in virtual healthcare doesn’t recognize any age dimension moreover it is as joyful for kids as for adults and seniors.

The virtual healthcare Kinect games are designed special for the gaming market – doctors can view and analyze patient symptoms in an interactive, three-dimensional view.

Kinect also gives the opportunity to meet virtual doctors, to have virtual group therapy; Kinect has also found its place in surgical rooms, in virtual dressing rooms, in schools and so on.

Let’s explore Kinect possibilities in healthcare in the future!  😉


Kinect Virtual therapy